6 excuses to skip Retail analysis

There are several reasons why we don’t crack the numbers to understand our business performance:

  1. Operational challenges:
    1. Staff sickness and turn over: we do not have the operational resources at the moment.
    2. Tight staff budgets: again the lack of resources
  2. Time:
    1. Due the operational challenges we think we do not have the time to sit down and track our performance on a weekly basis.
    2. My manager wants me to be on the floor and I am not fully available for retail since I have to work other shifts as well.
  3. Priorities:
    1. We are hands on: analyzing is not part of the habit and since we don’t have time it never will be.
  4. Skills:
    1. I am hands on and this is what my manager expects. I am not pushed to analyze my performance, never did and I do not know what and how to analyze.
    2. I started within the company 10 years ago as a sales person, due staff turnover I worked my way up from team lead to Retail Manager.
  5. Will:
    1. Again I am hands on, have 10 years operational experience and rather be on the floor than at the office. I do not want to spend time at the desk.
    2. I do not know what to analyze so I do not like to analyze.
  6. Tools:
    1. I am aware of the value of Retail Analytics however I do not have the tools:
      1. The software is not automatically delivering me data on: best sellers, dead stock, effect of promotions, spend per head, space planning
      2. My manager is not letting me spend time on the calculations.

Do you have another reason to skip Retail analysis?

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