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‘I provide solutions for retailers in order to increase profitability by coaching them to success!’

Every business has its challenges: daily operations in a fast pacing environment forces us to go with the flow especially during peak season. Staff turnover forces us to focus on keeping the business running with the tools we have, BUT do we get the best out of it? How often do you go back to the basic to understand what drives the performance? How easy is it to do the things we do… just because we have always done it this way. Well what is the result? Drop in numbers perhaps? Overstocked? Tried everything but nothing works? Believe me you are not the only one! And that’s exactly the reason why you need a Retail Consultant.

I have guided and consulted dozens of businesses within the Leisure Industry and coached them back on track. Many exceeding budgets and increasing profit. Hire me as your Retail Consultant if you want to improve your business

How I work:

  1. Intake consult: we will meet and discuss the needs for your business (if outside of Singapore a Skype call can be set up)
  2. Based on the intake meeting I will send you my proposal. I will always propose the execution of a Business Audit which will include a customized advice report.
  3. Upon agreement of my services I will sign the NDA of your company.
  4. The Retailcoaster Business Audit and Advice report will be FREE of charge (T&C mentioned in the Proposal)

Examples of assignments:

  • Execution and monitoring of Action Plans
  • Weekly and Monthly business analysis
  • Set up  and execute training programs
  • Visual Merchandising planning
  • Stock management
  • Buying and product development
  • Set up Commercial Strategy
  • Interim manager
  • Retail coach: purchase hours and ask for help when you need it
  • Mystery Shopper: set up and execution
  • Let me help you to improve your business!

Let me know how to support you in your daily operations. Absolutely ready for a challenge!

Frank Maail – Retail Consultant

LinkedIn: Frankmaail | Skype: Retailcoaster | | H/P: +65 8741 6255

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