Customer Service

Happy People BUY!

We all know customer service is important and especially in tourism destinations customer service has a huge impact on the guest satisfaction score. Knowing this it surprises me customer service standards are often lower than expected. Before going into detail I approach customer service as simple as: ‘the process of exceeding expectations of the guest’.

The start and the end

Customer Service starts at the first point of contact with our brand: advertorial, reseller, website or the entrance of the attraction/theme park. So it is important to deliver what we are communicating and communicate what we can deliver. In my opinion service does not end when guests are leaving the store or attraction. It ends when the guest is satisfied and your team, including yourself, is playing a major role in this process.

Importance of Customer Service

It is easier to be liked than to erase a dislike! The effect of poor customer service will have negative impact on your business. We all had bad experiences in a store I am sure: Would you go back? Would you advice friends or family to shop from that store? Depending on how good the story teller is (or what is made up to make it a better story) friends and family will spread the word. Suddenly 1 bad experience has now affected 50 potential guests. An outstanding experience (not to be confused with a good experience as we consider this normal) will be spread the same way increasing the expectations of guests visiting after hearing the story.

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