Staff Management

Happy People SELL!

Make it or break it! That is what staff can do for your business. So consider your team as the most valuable capital in your business plan. I hear you saying: what about my Store Lay Out and Product offer? What about the risk of dead stock? Well, you can fix this on a short term however you need staff to drive sales, clear your dead stock, clean the shop and deliver customer service. I would rather go to a not well themed shop with a great team driving sales the best they can with the given tools than shop in a great environment but with individuals standing in the shop to get paid.

Having a great team to manage your store is an ongoing process and, when managing staff correctly, they will deliver on a long term.

I will not write about the different leadership styles or bring you the solution to manage your team. What I will try is to open your eyes and let you think out of your comfort zone. As I know from experience that it is easy to walk the same path you walk for 10 years now. A team can change within a couple of months: staff is leaving and new members are joining. Do you know why they leave? I mean do you really know the reason? And what is the motivation to join your company and work for you?

It’s all about happiness!

I believe that Happy People:

  • SELL. And will sell MORE.
  • Are dedicated, responsible and willing to go the extra mile.
  • Will work together as a team and deliver satisfaction our guests expect.
  • Stay longer in the business.
  • Are role models and ambassadors for your company.
  • Have FUN!

During my travels I will blog about Staff Management on a regular basis whether it will be the DO’s or DON’Ts or tools to increase the happiness of your team. So follow me if you want to learn more about Staff in the different European, Asia-Pacific countries. Get tips directly in your inbox! Want me to blog a specific topic regarding Staff Management? Just send me an email!