Finance in Retail

Numbers, numbers, numbers… Finance in Retail is all about the numbers or….? Most retail professionals are focused on managing the team, implement creative ideas or develop a great range of products. During different roles I had the opportunity to work with different retailers across Europe and the most support given was on the financial side of the business.

Managing finance means directly managing your business. Finance is about delivering data which enables you to understand your business. By understanding you can improve or maintain the healthy business. It’s obvious that Finance is about profit and loss but what is included? How can you make your business more profitable?

I will focus on Retail Analytics , Sales Performance and Stock Management with my blog because I believe these elements are the most important. Basically Retail Analytics covers it all and it is about Sales Performance. Stock is one of the biggest risks of your business when not managed properly.

Off course I will write about budgeting & profitability, CAPEX and OPEX. I am even working on a tool! So stay tuned and sign up for the blog to get the latest posts directly in your inbox!