What to expect?

Retailcoaster.com is founded by retail consultant Frank Maail. Frank has wide experience as a retail consultant advising Retail Managers and General Managers within the leisure industry in Europe. Focused on Retail Operations Frank has proven to be successful increasing profit by his analytical and no nonsense approach of businesses. Under the motto of ‘Retail is not rocket science’ Frank will support your business with Retailcoaster.com by his blog and individual consults. At the moment Frank is exploring Asia, Australia and New Zealand. So also expect posts about Retail and Leisure of these regions! Want to know more about Frank? Check out his LinkedIn page. He will be happy to connect with you!

So what can you expect?

It’s all about supporting you…

  • INFORMATION    Frequently blogging using the most common topics in Retail Operations within the leisure industry.
  • KNOWLEDGE      The blog is set up to share knowledge and experiences in Retail Operations
  • ADVICE                Useful solutions to common challenges in Retail based on experience
  • TOOLS                 Frequently we will launch practical tools which can be used directly to increase profit.
  • SUPPORT            Retailcoaster.com is happy to help Retail Managers and business owners improving daily operations.