Beat the competition on Customer Service not by discounts!

A personal Customer Journey experience: During the planning of my Asia-Pacific trip I decided to buy a real back pack. The last 10 years I have travelled with a trolley to all parts of the world from Seattle to Hong Kong and from all-in resorts to cozy hostels in the jungle of Indonesia. Last year we travelled to Koh Lipe, a real cast away but to get to this bounty island we had to face heavy storms of the Andaman Sea during the monsoon season. Long story short: my trolley drowned on deck and the salty water did the rest of the work afterwards. So time to shop online for a new travel buddy. And there is where my customer journey began. Continue reading Beat the competition on Customer Service not by discounts!

The key elements in retail

Driving sales in Retail starts with the basics. Below I have listed the key elements in Retail for you.

Business Awareness

  • What drives the highs and lows in your business?
  • What is the actual performance vs budget and previous periods?
  • Do you have a clear understanding what impacts your net profit?

If you know what impacts your business you can set up clear actions to improve or maintain the quality of your business. The more data you have the better you can control your store. Tip: Do not forget the non-financial KPI’s. Continue reading The key elements in retail